Chance Mystere we're looking to mix up some of the content on their social media platforms, as well as to tap into a new audience while retaining engagement with their current one.

The Objective

The work was carried out within Cinema4D and Photoshop. We communicated with the client via What'sApp frequently with updates, in order to make sure everything is going accordingly.

The Process


Days to complete

Chance Mystere.

The following project was created for ChanceMystere, who are a London based company/workshop specialising in fully hand stitched leatherwork. They were looking to spice up the content seen by their clients and followers on their socials, and so the idea of creating a cute landscape which their leather animals could interact with, was born.
The idea itself was quite simple. We had to envision a creative environment for the “animals” to interact with, in which they could be showcased. During the orientation we acquired images of the products were going to be working with (for real life reference while modelling) as well as images of the workshop space to get a feel of what the company is about and trying to achieve. 
Firstly we modelled the animals in 3D, based on blueprints provided by ChanceMystere. After creating the mesh for each one of the animals, we proceeded to texture them, using images of the exact authentic leather used at the London based company. 
The next stage was building the space for the animals. This was done in Cinema4D. It consisted of creating the basic form of the terrain, then onto the grass, river, water and tree’s. Since the render was going to be split into 3 separate images in post production in order to be uploaded onto instagram, each one of the squares had to feature an animal. To work out the positioning and orientation we placed the animals inside the scene and figured out the most fitting positions. The buildings, walkways and paths have been modelled and added after, in order to accommodate the position of the animals.
After the scene was set up and finalised, we have worked on creating a completely unique Lightroom within Cinema4D which would then suit the needs for the render, as well as being fully customisable, enabling any future continuation of this theme with varying times of the day, to be done swiftly and without effort.
The post production mainly included fixing up small miscalculations and the unpredictable nature of the grass module in C4D.
We carefully overlooked each part of the scene, and made it pixel perfect. Some colour correction was also done in order to bring out the animals a little bit more.