The Problem & Our Solution.

Upon approaching us, BrandAdvance was worried about the volume of traffic their event was estimated to attract, giving the short amount of time that was available until the deadline, as well as the fact that the site hosting their event wasn't yet in the works. Their concern was mainly related to boosting viewership through functional graphics, and aligning their brand with their audience in a way which resonates with their ideologies.
The solution we provided was precisely engineered around the stakeholders concerns  and their requirements, meaning we had a strict timeframe to stick to, while at the same time the design had to prioritise conversion backed by strategically placed psychological cues and symbolism tailored to the company's
target audience. These steps and processes allowed us to guarantee BrandAdvance that their goals and concerns will be met.
We have been commissioned by BrandAdvance to design a website for their brand new digital event livestream. The focus was set on an inclusive design which would relate to all the different people from the LGBTQ+ & BAME communities.

The Objective

The work was carried out mainly within Figma, which allowed for the client to have easy access to any updates and or changes within the design. Some elements were designed and altered within Photoshop. 

The Process


Days to complete


BrandAdvance is an extremely popular marketing agency which specialises in helping brands and companies reach diversity through their vast network. Globally reaching millions of views and working with some of the worlds biggest entertainment providers. 
We were given the task of designing the website UI/UX for their brand new venture, DiversityLive. On top of this, we have also created the collateral marketing media as well as the branding identity. 
The project took shape over the span of 4 weeks, with the final hand in coming in just 32 days after the initial brief was provided.

Introduction, Research & Methodology.

To begin with, we scheduled a video call with the CEO of BrandAdvance, Christopher Kenna, in order to go over their expectations, wants, needs as well as to explain the process we were going to be undertaking as an agency, in order to deliver on the requirements, while providing an outcome which they're completely satisfied with. 
Upon working out the necessities, we had a pretty good idea of what the project entailed, and therefore we could begin the research and market analysis stage.
This process took roughly a week, and within this time we analysed the UI/UX of various livestream platforms as well as the symbolism and imagery valued by the LGBTQ+ & BAME communities. This was done in order to come up with design guidelines and elements which would resonate with them, therefore promoting further engagement and increasing the likelihood of converting a viewer into a user. 
Through the conversations carried out with the stakeholders, we knew precisely what the end goal of the design should be, and therefore had set up clear goals that the artwork will achieve upon going live. This in partnership with the design guidelines and market analysis showed us precisely which psychological cues should be implemented, as well as letting us predict in which locations throughout the design they will  be most effective. 
Now that the above has been meticulously worked out and presented back to the client for approval, we received the green light, and could begin the actual design process.

Design, Psychology & Branding.

As mentioned previously, the entire project was carried out within Figma, as a result of the software being very intuitive and having excellent collaboration features. We believed it was the best pick for this project, based on the clients request and the stakeholders proactive participation in our process.
We began by using the wireframes created beforehand, in order to make a low fidelity design, focusing on the UX side of things, such as the navigation, ease of access to the different pages and the various button layouts. Upon presenting these options to the stakeholders, we received positive feedback on the usability as well as the instinctive layout. 
Once the low fidelity layout was accepted, we began using the design guidelines and symbolism mentioned previously in order to start piecing together the detailed design. This stage began with the home page, and continued by carefully working our way down. 
The raw text information was provided by the client, while it's layout and the hierarchy of importance was solely dictated by us. This was handled by the team in order for everything to comply with the visual psychological cues that were implemented into the website design.
The branding we designed for DiversityLive, was also done in a way which perfectly matches the visual language of the web page, in order to create a coherent look. This ensured that the UI/UX elements blend well and create visuals which are not only pleasing to the eye, but also effective in capturing the attention of the
targeted audience. 
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