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We have worked alongside MS Architecture, to create the interior of a flagship chocolate store in Switzerland, which then would be briefed to their client and determine wether they receive more assignments. 

The Objective

The work was carried out within Cinema4D and Photoshop. We communicated with the client via What'sApp frequently with updates, in order to make sure everything is going accordingly to the plan.

The Process


Days to complete

Eiger Chocolates.

3D made interior layout, branding and packaging design for a Switzerland based flagship chocolate shop called "Eiger Chocolates". The project was designed based on real world measurements of the space provided by MS Architecture.
I was asked to design an interior for this premium chocolate shop, with the budget of £20,000. The whole shop was modelled in 3D based on the requirements provided by the client and MS Architecture in Cinema4D using the Vray rendering engine over the span of a month. Also features the brand logo, as well as chocolate box packaging designed by us throughout the renders.
The interior design was inspired by Swiss based chocolate shops.
This is clear due to the use of different shades of wood and glass elements. We have tried to cater to customers who like do indulge themselves in the premium experience. This was done by the irregular shape of the counter, premium slate on the wall and of course the custom made furniture. 
We made 6 different versions of the shop floor. 
Below you can find the 6th, and final version of the store that is going to be built in Grindelwal, Switzerland. 
The shop was modelled with the guidance of MS Architecture in Cinema4D, and rendered using Vray for C4D engine.
This project had a span of roughly a month and 2 weeks, in which time we worked really closely with MS Architecture in creating the visuals for the shop. They have provided us with some basic ideas for the counter and the colour palettes, as well as advising me with scale, measurements and the clients preferences. It was a real pleasure working together with them and they have really helped in developing a design that all the involved parties were really excited about.
In term's of creating a branding for this shop, we were tasked with keeping it very classy, minimalistic and recognisable for the higher spending customers.
We also decided to make an illustration of the mountain Eiger, visible from outside the actual shop's location in Switzerland. The mountain is a distinct feature that add's more meaning into the logo.
We have also created a badge/illustration which features a cocoa bean and 3 leaves hanging off a branch. This badge can have a variety of uses. From print's used as poster inside the shop, to a sticker on the packaging, to a T-shirt design for an employee.