The objective of this project was to attract potential investors with the viusual properties of the product, as well as showcasing it's features and form.

The Objective

The work was carried out within Cinema4D and Photoshop. We communicated with the client via What'sApp frequently with updates, in order to make sure everything is going accordingly to the plan.

The Process


Days to complete


The following project was done for a client whom was working on creating and developing a device which displays your social’s followers/likes on a display in real time.
We were asked to create a 3D model of the product based on a description given by the client. The objective of this model was to show how the product would potentially look, in order to gain traction online, as well as gain the interest of potential investors.
The first stage of the project involved us sitting down with the client and slowly modelling the product, this was a good collaborative effort as it allowed us to continuously add little things and make changes to the model in real time.
This let the client have a chance to really get the look, form and features of the product precisely how he wanted it to look like. 
After the modelling process was complete, we proceeded to create a shadowy lighting environment based on the iPhone 7 posters released back when the jet black phone was announced.
This took some time as we had to continuously make small adjustments in order to get the lighting to how the client has envisioned it. 
Post production work was simple, quick and not very intrusive as we wanted the actual 3D render to be the focus of the poster.
The whole point was to showcase the form of the product while maintaining the premium feel that the client was trying to convey with this specific design.