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Improving SEO with Platform Hijacking

Looking to improve your visibility in search results?

There are various elements that go into improving your SEO, however one is highly undervalued and has a high potential for improving your visibility. Platform Hijacking.

PH is a process which involves making accounts on already established platforms with good SEO, and utilising the tools they give you to bring in more traffic to your site/blog/online presence. It works by ‘hijacking’ already endorsed platforms and utilising their SEO in order to help your presence show higher in search results.

Clutch.co for example, is a B2B website which facilitates the room for research, ratings, and reviews for various leading IT & marketing service provides. By registering with them and using their services, your company profile on their site will show up higher given the opportunity your name is searched, and therefore increasing the likelihood of discovery.

Why is it effective?

It’s a technique often overlooked and disregarded, however given the time and effort required to set up, it’s often one which can be very fruitful. Especially to new & establishing businesses. There are various reasons why it’s so excellent at bringing in more traffic and increasing awareness to your presence. Here are some of them:

-It allows you to increases global reach, therefore showing your profile to millions more people than you would traditionally through other means of search engine optimisation. 

-It allows you to bypass historic SEO requirements, since platforms you’re hijacking are already established and have excellent SEO.

-You’re precisely in the place where clients/target demographic expect you to be.

If you’re being searched, your demographics is already looking for you. There’s no need for persuasion. All you have to do is look professional and attractive as well as bringing in legitimate value. 

Some platforms you can hijack:

Below are some often overlooked platforms relating to creative B2B’s and freelancers, which you can hijack with relative ease to help your presence be noticed. We also listed some benefits you can utilise through signing up with each one. 


Has great SEO and a malleable SEO system that can be used for your advantage. Edit your profile to be in line with how the SEO chooses the best profile, in order to come up higher in the results.


Database of agencies. SEO is very powerful and shows up on Google 9/10 times. If you complete a project for a client and tell Clutch about it, Clutch will then bug the client for a review. Work hard on reviews on Clutch, you’ll show up on Google a lot.

-Angel List

Essentially a job site. They post when start up’s need a freelancer. If a start up’s has a VC backing, they’ve got money which means they need to spend it to grow the business and show their backers their investments are being utilised.


Kind of like the YT of article writing world. Articles on marketing, design, web dev, etc. Attracts a lot of business owners, and if you write an article on “how to market business for cheap” for examples, chances are client will come across your article, and you’re essentially qualifying yourself without any major effort.


Serves multiple purposes. Inspiration, easy to find designers, it’s also a job market place. Highly popular with business owners which are looking for a specific style/look. Through posting on their platform, you’re essentially showing off your work and increasing the likelihood of being discovered.

Carefully determine which platform is the most relevant for you and your business and target them. Aim to eventually have a set presence on each one of them in order to truly maximise your potential. 

The key to really reaching results with this technique, is to completely fill out any information your targeted platform may ask for, to the best of your ability. Focus on using a plethora of key words relating to you and your presence. In a majority of the cases, aim to use up all of the word limit you’re offered. 

At Maya, we’ve previously helped businesses with their ranking stats and SEO. Reach out to us today and see how we can help you.


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