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Rank Higher in Social Media Engines

Improving your search result rankings through SEO techniques is probably the most ideal way of automating your client outreach program. By having your profile displayed higher, you’re essentially increasing the chance of a potential client reaching out to you. 

Finding potential clients who actually need your help?

  • Work on SEO optimisation, rather than looking for them.

Automating client acquisition on LinkedIn?

  • SEO is the key element.

  • Each person has a lot of aspects. SE has to look at the name, headline, summary, experience, recommendations, skills etc. It takes all of this into account and comes up with the results.

  • Hacking SEO is the key to acquisition. 

Some client acquisition sites:

  •  Angel List

  • Remote Ok

•  WeWorkRemotely

  • Cloudpeeps

  •  Toptal

  •  Smashing Magazine Job Board

  •  Coroflot (designers)

  •  Authentic Jobs

•  Indeed

•  Hacker News


Optimising the headline.

The headline should describe what you do as a skill, and what you can do for a business.

Include relevant keywords in it. It has a high SEO value.

Use name of the most important skill twice in the headline. Very powerful thing.

Saying boosting revenue is exactly what business owners are looking to hear. 

Mention that you’re a freelancer. They’re more likely to be looking for this. 

Use up all the characters that you’re given in the headline

Optimising the Summary.

Include as much detail as possible. You need to brag about your work here.

Talk about the projects you’ve done in the past.

Say the industries you worked for.

How people can work with me and how I can help people. Confirm they’re looking at the right person. Psychological strategies.

Ask question to get them to think about what they’re reading. Anwser the question. Brag. 

Reassurance, say they’re gonna cared for.

Make it clear how they can contact me. Finish with a CTA (call to action) which is tell them what to do. “Email/Message me now!” 

End with the website name.

Mention a lot of keywords. Repetition is fine, but don’t over do it. 


First search LinkedIn for the broadest term relating to your business. Such as “Design” or “Graphics” 

You will be show a list of the top results, based off your network and connections. 

Click the “See all” button, which will show you all the search results for the given term. 

LinkedIn prioritises your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree connections, and so they come up first. 

We need to then determine which terms yield has the highest volume and vest match results in general.

Make not of how many results the search yields. You want to know how many results come up when someone searches for given service. 

Untick the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, degree connections. It will show people you’re connected with, and not. 

This shows what keywords profiles outside of your connections are using, as well as how those profiles rank within this field. 

Make note of the main keywords that are being used, all the detail counts. 

Now insert those keywords into the search bar, and see what comes up. Repeat until you have a list of 3-5 most used terms relating to your initial “seed”. 

Profile Funneling:

You can get potential leads to message you, rather than cold messaging them yourself. It works by creating a “funnel” of sorts which will get a lead to read your profile, and then make a decision on wether they’d like to work with you.

After looking at the photo and headline, they should know exactly what you do, who you are and who you help.

If users have to go on your website and look for the about section, chances are they’re going to drop off due to it being inconvenient. 

Potentially add a super quick video explaining your services, what you do, who you help. This will help funnel the potential leads down.

If done effectively it instantly builds trust, and convinces them to reach out.

CTA should tell visitors how to contact you best. You may want to consider a customised landing page for LinkedIn clients. 

It should go something like this “Send me a LinkedIn message/Email for a quick custom quote”


Networking Script:

Every time you send a connection invite, send a message to introduce yourself. 

“Hi [ Name ] I don’t quite remember how I came across your profile (perhaps I saw a comment of yours on a thread) but I see that you work in digital marketing as well, and I like to connect with new people in the industry. Are you working on anything interesting lately?

-[ Your Name ]

Client Script:

Hello [ name ],

Thanks for connecting. I see that you [ run a small business/have a law firm/are a tech entrepreneur/etc ]. I wanted to reach out because I [ help businesses like yours do x ]. Maybe there’s potential to work together. Are you working on anything interesting lately?”


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