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UI/UX Design.

We're a new data driven agency, leveraging consumer psychology in order to craft beautiful and calculated digital experiences.

Improving SEO with Platform Hijacking

Laws of UI/UX Design

Learn how to effectively boost your online presence  and SEO via piggybacking already established platforms.
Learn about the laws that govern the decision making within UI/UX design, and how to utilise them to your advantage.

A Brief Intro to UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design & Development

A brief overview of what UI/UX Design consists of, including the processes and a how-to-get-started guide.

Rank Higher in Social Media Engines

Discover how to utilise Social Media search algorithms in order to display your profile higher and gain more traffic. 

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We're trusted to solve the most demanding creative problems.

Your Dilemma, Our Endeavour.


Prioritising Interface Usability.

UI/UX Design & Development

Immerse your demographic within an engaging digital product.
Discover how we designed SUMA's UI/UX with a focus on captivating their target audience, through employing focused research tactics and converting the results into tangible visual properties, guiding the design process.

Our Blog.

We're here to share our knowledge and experience.


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The Maya Process

Our ideology is simple: provide tangible results, design based on data and exceed

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Your all in one outlet for all things creative.

Turn Heads & Grab Attention

Looking for a one up on the competition? Fully custom creative assets are a sure way to distinguish yourself. Wether you're looking for flat logo animations, 3D models or icons we can take care of all of it, while ensuring it adhere's to your UI's design language and layout.

All the above is included for FREE in our full UI/UX Design package.

The process is as simple informing us of your ideas and relaxing. We handle the rest. 

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3D Animation